We Are Tile Money

Strengthening the tile industry one contractor at a time.

We are much more than a podcast. Through community building and education, we equip and empower business owners (who happen to be contractor-installers) to build profitable, sustainable businesses and create a better future for themselves and their employees. A stronger business owner base also benefits clients and manufacturers of tile, installation materials, and tools.

At Tile Money, we want to overcome one of the biggest challenges tile installers face: the human body is a depreciable business asset. This limits the amount of time contractors can take to build a tile installation business that becomes successful enough that they are able to pick and choose when to roll up their sleeves and work on a project.

The journey to Tile Money.

Creating a community of support and resources for like-minded business owners in the tile industry didn’t happen overnight. It started when Luke Miller, founder of Tile Money, came to the realization that his own tile installation business was running him more than he was running it. After attempts to engage in business discussions with other business owners on the John Bridge forum and in Facebook groups were often met with hesitancy and even discouragement, Miller turned to business podcasts.

Although there were no podcasts specifically for contractor-installer business owners, Miller was able to glean from multiple sources and find the solutions he needed. Then, Miller launched his own industry-specific podcast to save his peers the trouble of sifting through other blue-collar podcasts as he did.

Turning over a new leaf.

Within months of launching, Tile Money quickly outgrew its hobby status. In the best interest of the podcasts’ growing audience, Miller dedicated himself full-time to the real work of facilitating change in the tile industry, one contractor at a time, through the Tile Money podcast, social media, Mastermind accountability groups, private consults, in-person learning, and networking opportunities, and website creation services with happytileguy.

Cutting out the middleman.

Although we value the fantastic Tile Money community on Facebook and other social media, the truth is, these platforms can evolve or change hands. To preserve the camaraderie, respect, and productive discussions in the Tile Money community, we’re cutting out the middleman. Tile Money is building a strong foundation for positive transformation in the lives of contractor-installer business owners and their families and employees.

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