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A business needs sales to thrive and survive, but before it can have sales, it needs leads, which is where marketing your tile company comes into play.
So today I want to talk about creating or improving your tile contractor website to market to the type of client you want.
Having a website as a tile installer is an easy opportunity, simply because most of the competition I see do not have websites. The tile contractors who do have a website, oftentimes it is outdated or it is not compelling their customers to take action.
A good website doesn’t have to cost a lot these days, if your budget is zero you can build an attractive free website yourself. I suggest using Wix if you are pressed for time, if you can read this article you can build an attractive Wix website. If you want to spend more time and want to have more options to customize and tweak things I suggest using WordPress.
In fact, I saw the need for tile contractors to have an effective website and founded happytileguy.  With this service, we take all of the tech-headache and website building aspects off your hands and take care of it for you.  We have pre-written, SEO-optimized content that helps you rank and show your credibility as a tile installer.
If you do choose to pay someone to build a website for you, make sure that it compels and drives your potential customers to take action. One way to do this is with landing pages.
A landing page is where someone looking for a specific type of installation would land and find that very specific tile installation.
For instance, someone looking for a tile backsplash could land on your page that is all about how you install beautiful backsplashes. This will imprint on their mind that you are the backsplash expert. You can create a number of these landing pages.
I suggest creating 3-4 landing pages based on the type of tile installation that is most profitable for your tile business.
You can also do this with a funnel. A funnel is several pages that lead a potential customer through a series of action buttons, helping them make a decision to hire you by the last page.
A great benefit to creating landing pages and funnels is that you can generate quality leads fast by using paid advertising to get traffic to the webpage.
Imagine Susy homeowner wants a new tile shower, she turns to google and searches for a shower tile installer in her city, one of the first results is your landing page talking specifically about tile showers and how you build them etc, the second google result is your competitor’s website which is also nice but all the photos are lumped together, floors, backsplashes, interior and exterior tile. There is no clear indication that this company specializes in tiled showers.
Who do you think Susy homeowner will call? The guy who does it all, or you the shower tile expert?
Another option for traffic to your tile contractor website is SEO. If you want to rely on search engine optimization for organic traffic, be aware that this will take months and even years of consistent frequent blogging. You’re going to need a blog post at least once a month, preferably more.
I hope you enjoyed this post on websites for Tile Contractor’s, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback.
Luke Miller
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