3 Myths about Google Ads every Tile Professional needs to know

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Hi Tile Money professionals, my name is Todd and I’m here to help you demystify Google Ads, increase leads, and generate more sales.

A little about me, I started my career on the AdWords team at Google. I am currently the CEO at Broadlume, the parent company of FloorForce, Creating Your Space and a consumer-facing flooring blog called FlooringStores.

Google Ads are extremely complicated but if done correctly, you can create a scalable, predictable and profitable lead machine. With that said, there are a few misconceptions about Google Ads that I want to make sure every tile professional knows.

Myth: Google Ads are expensive and not worth the money.

Truth: Looking at some recent data from our customers, Google clicks (CPC) prices are a 6-month low. Click prices have decreased from $3.85 to $2.73, almost 40%. Now is probably one of the most inexpensive times to be advertising on Google. Furthermore, CPA or cost per lead prices are down 31%.

Google Ads Cost Per Click Data

Myth: Google Ads is great, but the targeting is not specific enough to attract my customers.

Truth: Targeting on Google Ads can get very granular. You can target in many interesting ways from targeting a radius around a certain point, to targeting people within an area of a certain income level. Tip – we have seen customers have success targeting consumers within 3 miles of a box store, searching for their brand name + flooring , like “Home Depot flooring”. It’s all about owning your local market that you want to go after.

Google Ads Targeting

Myth: Google Ads is easy!

Truth: The truth is Google makes it easy to get started with Google Ads, however it is very difficult to scale and make profitable. Before you start your Google Ads journey, make sure at bare minimum you understand the different types of keywords. Based on how you use the keywords (broach match, broad match modified, phrase, exact) will change how your campaigns perform.

Google Ads Keyword Types

I hope these 3 insights help you in your journey of digital marketing and Google Ads. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me at todd.saunders@broadlume.com or post your question in the Tile Money Facebook group and I’ll jump in to answer it. Remember – you can always call Google direct at 18662GOOGLE.

Also huge shout out to a lot of members of this group that helped write this 2020 tile guide. I’m still working on it but thanks for the Tile Money community for the help!

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