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Are you on Instagram? Is your tile installation business on Instagram?
If not you could be missing out on a great free way to market your tile contractor business.
I had a great time interviewing Deric Anderson from DP Tile and Stone, he is crushing it on IG and getting lots of leads for tile work from his page. He even gets leads from different countries!
Here are some key points I took away from our podcast interview.
1. Stay true to yourself. Deric said he does not worry about what others are doing but keeps his content true to his personality and features the work he loves to do.
2. Post often. Instagram works best when you post to your feed daily and post to your stories multiple times a day. Your posts should be heavily focused on your life and your personality, people are interested in people! Of course showcase your best work and the type of work you want to continue to do.
3. Utilize the DM’s! You can direct message local businesses, if you are looking for work from general contractor’s, architects, designers etc. this can be a great avenue to connect. Of course you can also DM other tile contractors you look up to and ask for advice or just strike up a friendly conversation. Deric and myself have been talking on and off via IG for months before we got to meet in person, once we did meet it was as if we were old friends!
4. Branding is powerful! Deric has focused on creating a strong brand and it has paid off well! Your brand is so much more than a good logo, it also encompases your identity, personality, the experience you deliver, and much more. Once you have developed your brand it’s best to pay a professional to create a logo for you. Once you have this logo make sure you let the world know and post it on IG often, look for creative ways to post it.
If you’re interested in learning more about Deric’s business and Instagram strategies for his tile work you can listen to the interview everywhere podcasts are heard here is a direct link to Spotify.
I want to thank my Sponsor, Bosco Tools, they make awesome dust free tile demolition tools, they have provided us with a discount code “tile money” to receive 10% off the tools, the code is good through March.
The “Tip of the Day” was from Trask Bergerson.
Inside my FaceBook group we were discussing how to build a business off of referral work and continued work from past clients, Trask had some great input, he brought up his
“Return Customer Program” he says,
“You call clients unprompted at regular intervals .
I have my calendar prompt me at 3 & 9 months after a job .
At no charge , I offer to proactively caulk , reseal , or attend to any concerns .
Almost no one turns it down .
And you build a personal relationship. The client is already pre qualified,
and now they are so impressed with your ‘aftercare’ that they tell everyone .
If I did NOTHING ELSE but this alone I believe me could generate a loyal cult following in a year .”
I feel this is great advice to build a business with a trail of happy clients. We all know that referral work is awesome, but in today’s hectic busy world it’s not enough to assume our happy customers will remember us when their friends talk about remodeling their shower tile etc. We must be proactive as small tile installation business owners!

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